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Payment method

Credit card
Visa / Master Card / American Express is available.
The following charge is charged according to the substitute amount.
Replacement amount: less than 1000 yen / fee: 324 yen
Substitute amount: 30000 yen / fee: 432 yen
Substitution amount: - 1000 yen / fee: 648 yen
Substitution amount: - 30000 yen / fee: 1080 yen
Google pay

Shipping method / shipping

About delivery
As for the delivery situation of the luggage after shipment, and the other trouble, it becomes personal information, and we ask you to contact us directly to the Yamato transport.
We cannot take any responsibility for the absence or absence of delivery. Please accept.
Hokkaido, Okinawa
1080 yen
Other prefectures
864 yen

* we will add 1620 yen for the island.

Notation based on specified Commercial Transactions Act

Diamend Corporation
Director General Manager
Matsuda Shichi
1-4-18 nakagome, Meguro ward, Tokyo
Explanation of fees other than commodity price
Postage and charge charge. Please refer to the following for the shipping fee and the fee charge.
Application expiration date
However, if the inventory of the order item is not ready, and the inventory of the order item is not ready, please contact the registered e-mail address at the time of purchase and cancel the order. Please note that the credit card, PayPal, and Google pay will be changed and cancelled.
Defective goods
In any case, please contact us within 7 days after the item arrives.
If you do not receive within 7 days of contact, you cannot accept it for any reason. Please understand it beforehand. Please note that we cannot accept the exchange of goods after the shipment, the return and the exchange after the shipment, and the exchange, because it is different from the image. The same product is used once. Please note that you will be charged to your customers for the size change and the carriage at the time of return.
Sales volume
By each item page
Delivery time
If you order until 11 o'clock, we will be happy to ship it immediately.
The date and time of departure will be made from your order date to one week later (because the shipping company's baggage period is for one week).
The person who lives in the distant place may not come out on the date and time designated.
Please do not have long absence, refusal to accept, etc.
In addition, please note that we will not be able to accept any of the orders from our customers.
Delivery of goods
Payment method
Credit card and money transfer.
Payment deadline
Credit card, PayPal, and Google pay are at your order.
Price transfer is the delivery time.
Return period
Please email us with the product image within 7 days after arrival.
We cannot accept any reason for any reason. Please understand it beforehand.
The refund procedure will be carried out as soon as the item arrives on our store.
Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.
Return shipping
For our return goods such as shipment mistake and product damage, we will pay back and exchange shipping charges.
An error of about 1 cm with the size of the item may appear in production. I cannot return an error of about 1 cm with the size of the notation.
We will refrain from returning the goods with the customer's convenience.
Stage name or service name
Good time
Phone number